SmartLine ST800 Pressure Transmitters

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  • Absolute Pressure – SmartLine ST800
  • Differential Pressure – SmartLine ST800
  • Flange Mount Transmitters – SmartLine ST800
  • Gauge Pressure Transmitters – SmartLine ST800
  • Remote Diaphragm Transmitters – SmartLine ST800

Honeywell’s SmartLine®​ ST800 Pressure Transmitter family includes absolute pressure, gauge pressure, draft range pressure, flanged and remote seal transmitters. Refineries, chemical and pharmaceutical plants and paper mills around the globe rely on these transmitters for accurate and consistent pressure measurement.

SmartLine ST800 pressure transmitters offer the following features:

  • Accuracies up to 0.025% of span
  • Stability of 0.01% of URL per year for 15 years
  • Automatic pressure and temperature compensation
  • Overpressure protection
  • Turndown ratios up to 400:1
  • Response times as fast as 80 ms
  • Unequaled display capabilities
  • External zero, span and configuration capability
  • Universal terminal electrical connections
  • Comprehensive onboard diagnostic capabilities
  • Integral Dual Seal design based on ANSI/NFPA 70-202 and ANSI/ISA 12.27.0
  • Full compliance to SIL 2/3 requirements
  • Modularity with field-replaceable units
  • Unique integration capabilities with Experion®​
  • Plugged Impulse Line Detection (Optional)
  • Dual/Triple Calibration (Optional)
  • Available with additional 15-year warranty

ST800 pressure transmitters provide comprehensive self-diagnostics to help maintain high uptime, meet regulatory requirements and attain high-quality standards. Their broad 400:1 turndown ratio and modular design allow users to re-range or swap electronic modules, instead of having to stock transmitters with multiple ranges or electronic modules.

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