Actuated Wafer type butterfly valves V4ABFW16-050-016

2"(DN50),On-Off, Valve Body V4BFW16-050 ,Actuator OM-1f 

2"(DN50),Modulating,Valve Body V4BFW16-050 ,Actuator OM-P1f 

• Ductile Iron (V4) or SUS304 (V7) Wafer Body
• Centric butterfly valve with elastomer liner
• Wide DN-range (DN 50 … DN600)
• For On/Off or Modulating Control
• Robust actuators in epoxy coated aluminum
• Manual override non-clutch design. Manual operation can be operated without any lever, clutch or brake upon power voltage.
• Irreversible worm gear
• Visual mechanical position indicator for accurate visual reference of valve position
• Anti-condensation heater and 2 aux. limit switches on standard model
• Enclosure IP67

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